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Metaverse: what it is, how to enter and how it will be in 2022

Metaverse: what it is, how to enter and how it will be in 2022 Also thanks to Zuckerberg, the challenge of the Metaverse has come to life: w...

Metaverse: what it is, how to enter and how it will be in 2022

Also thanks to Zuckerberg, the challenge of the Metaverse has come to life: what it is, how to enter, what will change in 2022

2022 will definitely be the year of the Metaverse

 A large immersive virtual space in which we can live many of the experiences we have in our real life. To popularize the future of the Internet was certainly the announcement of the CEO of Facebook on October 28, 2021, Mark Zuckerberg, who started the "rebranding" operation : even the fate of the social network is to become a virtual world . It will be called 'Horizon' and will be accessed with virtual reality devices, such as Oculus glasses or Cambria headphones.

“ The metaverse is the next chapter of the internet, it's made to connect people and Horizon is the platform we're building ,” he explained. Zuckerberg then announced the change of name of Facebook, which is now called "Meta". Let's see what it is, how it functions, how to enter and what the Metaverse will be like in 2022 .

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the next evolutionary step of the Internet. It is a new virtual world, a new immersive universe in which you can enter to have different experiences, including films, concerts, meetings, games and everything that can be transformed into digital form. Any other examples? Business meetings, chats with friends, lunches and dinners, fitness and various sports activities, films, fairs, video games, shopping… Everything can be experienced in the new 3D environment directly from the living room.

Metaverse: how it works?

First of all, when was the Metaverse born ? To create this word was the writer Neal Stephenson, who wanted to describe the virtual environment in which lived the digital avatar of the protagonist of the novel Snow Crash, published in 1992. If so far this has remained more than anything else a science fiction scenario, in the course of 2021 we instead began to feel it as a decidedly tangible hypothesis.

How to enter Metaverse 2022?

How to enter the Metaverse? It is not difficult: you register on a site that is part of it and that's it, even if to better enjoy this experience, the ideal is to wear a viewer or some accessory that allows you to project yourself into the virtual world.

In a few clicks you will find yourself immersed in a gigantic virtual city where you can follow a meeting with colleagues from the office, wear clothes in shops or shop at the supermarket, play, draw, invite friends for a coffee in your "digital home" ".

All using Blockchain technology and NFTs to make purchases.

Metaverse: what will change in 2022?

2022 will be the year in which more and more people will begin to become familiar with what has so far been seen as a science fiction film scenario. Many will want to live this immersive experience and to do so fully they will equip themselves with hi-tech gadgets linked to the Internet of the future, such as virtual reality viewers and other augmented reality wearable gadgets, such as goggles and smartwatches, from the upcoming Apple glasses - it seems - in 2022, to the Google news at the Oppo Air Glass, which have already been presented.

According to the estimate made at the end of October by Idc analysts, the expenditure for the purchase of these devices will grow to 542.8 million dollars by 2025.

If Fortnite has come to attract up to 15 million players online, in 2022 the challenge for Facebook (Meta), Nvidia, Microsoft & co. it's all open.

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