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What is airdrop and we get it from free

  Airdrop Definition Airdrop is a practice of distributing  cryptocurrency  to a third party or users for free.  There is therefore no finan...


Airdrop Definition

Airdrop is a practice of distributing cryptocurrency to a third party or users for free. There is therefore no financial compensation claimed. In return, the beneficiary must respect certain commitments, which different from one project to another. These can translate into joining a group on social media, adding a Telegram channel, or sharing news. For a professional structure or main structure, the interest of the Airdrop is multiple. This is a communication operation that promotes its activity while ensuring the loyalty of customers and prospects. Operating on the principle of reward, the system can be applied on an ad hoc basis or at regular intervals. On the occasion of a product launch or a change of cryptocurrency

Airdrop Translation


Under certain conditions, An Airdrop can be used to get cryptocurrency coins and tokens without any financial compensation.

Under certain conditions, the Airdrop makes it possible to obtain coins and tokens of a cryptocurrency without financial compensation.

Synonym Airdrop

crypto airdrop

How to get free airdrops?

Free airdrops are get from multiple websites


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